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I work in Java on a web application servlet / jsp and I have a problem today:
After validating a form, I pass the value of an input field as a parameter (GET). I was careful to use the method (String, "UTF-8") but when this setting is composed of accents, the encoding of the value obtained in the second servlet is incorrect.
However I use the method URLDecoder.decode ((String) request.getParameter ("id"), "UTF-8")

id = éssai ==>

print (URLDecoder.decode ((String) request.getParameter ("id"), "UTF-8")) ==> éssai  

Anyone can help me to fix this charset problem?

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getParameter() returns decoded value, so you don't need to call decode().

Configurtation of encoding used by getParameter() depends on your servlet container. For example, in Tomcat it can be configured using URIEncoding attribute.

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Thank you, where can i configure this attribute? can i do this in my servlet? (because my application will be running on a distant server) – Flo Ajir Apr 21 '11 at 9:28
Hi, Thanks for your tip but that does not resolve my encoding problem, i've tried to type manually the accent in the adress bar and miracle that work!! so i've solved my problem just removing the URLEncoder.encode() method :) Hope this can help someone, bye!! – Flo Ajir Apr 21 '11 at 10:17

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