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I'd like to know how to determine the heap size required for a standalone app as well as a webapp running on a tomcat server.

How to determine the same after deployment on the server.


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-Xmx Increase, until no out of memory errors happen and the CPU usage is not dominated by the garbage collector. –  Ingo Apr 21 '11 at 9:24

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You can start with profiling the memory usage. The JDK (6 upwards) has its Visual VM for example. A tool I personally prefer is the Eclipse Memory Analyzer, originally from SAP, now open. You can analyze heap dumps or hook it up to a java process of your choice.

To programmatically create heap dumps you can use this

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Rule suggested by IBM for Sizing the Java heap , it is for IBM SDK but i dont it there would be much difference in these settings for other SDK's.

Size your Java heap so that your application runs with a minimum heap usage of 40%, and a maximum heap usage of 70%.

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we use the -Xloggc:gc-log.txtand -XX:+PrintGCdetails option on the VM and let it run for a while (days) with hig Xmx settings and then you can use GCViewer to render a diagram from the log and get an idea of when how much RAM was consumed, i.e. whether there were peaks, limits reached, loads of GCs slowing down the App, etc.

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