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I have a method in a class with this signature:

void addMessage_( std::string appender, LogLevel level /*= LOGLEVEL_INFO*/, char* msg, ... );

I want to create 'alias' of this method in this way:

void debugMsg( std::string appender, char* msg, ... ){
    addMessage(appender, LOGLEVEL_DEBUG, msg, ...);

My question is: do I need to expand the args to call the addMessage method? I don't want to replicate the code I each utility method, but I don't want to waste performance. What is the best solution?

Solved: I let my solution as a documentation:

void DEBUG_MSG(std::string appender, char* msg, ...){
    va_list argptr;
    addMessage_(appender, LOGLEVEL_DEBUG, msg, argptr);

And the addMessage_ method:

    void CGlobalLog::addMessage_( std::string appender, LogLevel level, char* msg, va_list args ){

    int     len;
    char    *buffer;

    len = _vscprintf( msg, args ) // _vscprintf doesn't count
        + 1; // terminating '\0'

    buffer = (char*)malloc( len * sizeof(char) );

    vsprintf( buffer, msg, args ); // C4996
    // Note: vsprintf is deprecated; consider using vsprintf_s instead

    free( buffer );


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It's not possible that way (without macros), you must change your original function to take a va_list.

It is fully explained here: C/C++: Passing variable number of arguments around

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It was exactly that I need. Thanks. –  Killrazor Apr 21 '11 at 10:50

Macro can solve that in just one line:

#define debugMsg(appender,msg,...)    addMessage(appender,LOGLEVEL_DEBUG, msg, __VA_ARGS__)

Or, you've to make use of va_list, va_start and va_end as explained here.

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