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Hey all, was wondering something about Java Stacks. Does peek() return a reference to the actual object on the top of the stack or a copy of the object? For instance, if I ran the following code:


Would this modify the name field of the object currently at the top of the stack, or to a completely different object with identical values for all it's fields?

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Note that the Javadoc of the Stack class states, that a Deque (e.g. ArrayDeque) should be used in preference to the Stack class: – Puce Apr 21 '11 at 10:33

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Since peek returns a reference to an object it would be modified.

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In general, very few bits of code in Java go round arbitrarily creating copies of objects. peek will return the reference that's on the top of the stack... don't forget that the objects aren't on the stack in the first place, only the references.

So in your example, you would indeed modify the name of the object that the reference on the stack refers to.

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Definitely the reference. It will change the name.

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In I see no evidence of why it would return a copy, so I really think it will change the original

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