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Until now deploying my Application with macdeployqt worked fine, but after upgrading to Qt 4.7.3 (Mac Qt SDK 1.1 Release Candidate) my program is broken after the deployment. This are the issues:

  • all icons and resource images are gone (do not show up in the toolbar)
  • windows don't open anymore
  • Cmd+Q does not quit the app

What buzzes me is that i don't understand what causes all these problems, since macdeployqt simply copies the frameworks (QtGui, QtCore, QtSql, QtNetwork in my case) into the app bundle and rewrites the links of the binary and the deployed frameworks by using otool and install_name_tool. All icons and images are compiled into the binary, so the only thing i can think of is that rewriting the links (stored as strings?) overwrites data in the data section of the binary and/or code section.

What can I do to make macdeployqt work again?

EDIT: This problem also appears in a very simple test app with just one tool button that contains an icon. After macdeployqt this icon is not visible anymore.

EDIT: If would be helpful to know if anyone can reproduce the problem.

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The macdeployqt-version that comes shipped with QtSDK seems to be broken.

Remove QtSDK and install the libraries from the framework-only version ( The macdeployqt included there should work.

A bug regarding this problem is already filed for that in the Qt-Bugtracker ->

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