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Is there a way to add multiple thumbnails in a page based on page template or page ID instead of post type (post, page)?

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You can add a conditional statement to test for a specific page id:

if(is_page('<your page id>')){
    // Do your thing

Similarly, you can test for a specific page template like so:

if(is_page_template('<page template file name>']){
   // Go on wit' you bad self

Make sure that when you use is_page_template() that you feed it the file name of the template, e.g., is_page_template('two-columns.php'), as opposed to the name of the template, e.g., is_page_template('Two Columns').

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thank you , i 'm going to check this way ... –  mohamad salama Apr 23 '11 at 16:18

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