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I'm developing IVR application by using UCMA 3 But not using lync server. When audio or video call is received i need to get DNIS of that. Is there any way to do this. Thank you.

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Sorry to take long time to post my own answer. I found feasible solution(not sure is that perfect) for this. You can retrieve ANI and DNIS details in indirect manner by using CallRecievedEventArgs argument. To get ANI and DNIS as below

private static void AudioVideoCallReceived(object sender, CallReceivedEventArgs<AudioVideoCall> e)
            SipUriParser CallerPartySipUri = new SipUriParser(e.Call.RemoteEndpoint.Uri);
            SipUriParser CalledPartySipUri = new SipUriParser(e.RequestData.RequestUri);
            Console.WriteLine("From(Caller party) : " + CallerPartySipUri.User + " To(Called Party)" + CalledPartySipUri.User);
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