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I'm on IntelliJ 10 using its out of the box Grails tools (Grails 1.3.7). I can get a list of Grails plugins from the IDE (the Grails -> Plugins menu item), but it's not as current as the list I get when I execute grails list-plugin from OSX Terminal (also Grails 1.3.7).

For example, IntelliJ currently shows the mongodb plugin to be version 1.0-M4 but command line says 1.0-M5. Grails.org also says 1.0-M5.

How can I get IntelliJ so show me the same list of Grails plugins that Grails.org has?

PS: Yes, I know I can still install plugins from the command line.

PPS: I have tried refreshing the list of Grails plugins from the IDE (the Grails -> Plugins menu item, then click reload).

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I cannot reproduce this issue. On my machine IDEA shows "1.0-M5". IDEA gets list of plugin and its versions from %USER_HOME%/.grails/1.3.7/plugins-list-grailsCentral.xml. Grails uses the same file. Could you look which version is set in this file? (find string '<plugin name="mongodb"')

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Thanks for helping. It's 1.0-M5: <plugin name="mongodb" latest-release="1.0-M5"> –  Dean Moses Apr 21 '11 at 12:23
Strange... May be IDEA looks to other file. Do you have any other Grails installations? –  Sergey Apr 21 '11 at 13:44
Not that I can tell. My ~/.grails folder only has the one subdirectory, "1.3.7". And a search of my system only turns up that single .grails folder. –  Dean Moses Apr 26 '11 at 22:02

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