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i am trying to define auto_increment at properties of an attribute in my domain. but i couldnT it anywhere.is that possible?if is it possible where can i check how to do it?

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You'll have to code your own auto increment feature. Take a look at conditional puts. If you're looking to build a unique identifier rather than a counter, keep UUIDs in mind as they're much easier and more efficient than hitting the database unnecessarily.

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An below example shows you can auto increment the attribute names where value is greater then 1024, that is to be uploaded.

if (fieldvalue.length() >= 1024) {
                                int index = 1;
                                while (fieldvalue.length() >= 1000 && vlist.size() < 254) {
                                    String value = new String(fieldvalue.substring(0, 1000).getBytes("UTF-8"), "UTF-8");

                                    ItemAttribute objItemAttribute = new ItemAttribute(fieldname+index, value, fieldreplace.booleanValue()); 
                                    fieldvalue = new String(fieldvalue.substring(1000).getBytes("UTF-8"), "UTF-8");
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