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I have a canoo webtest where I would like to replace the current document URL by a new one, and proceed to that URL. Specifically, I'd like to replace a string "view.html" in the current document URL by "view-old.html" and navigate to the new URL.

The script would look like:

<clickButton htmlId="newDocForm_add"/>
<!-- get the url of the newly loaded page and replace "view" with "view-old" -->
< ??? >
<invoke description="go to modified URL" url="...newUrl..."/>
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Take a look at the groovy steps - they will help you to archive everything you need...

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Thanks for the hint, will try it some other time! – Carles Barrobés May 11 '11 at 16:36
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I fianlly ended up doing it differently, by generating the modified URL from an ID field that can be found in the original URL, something like:

    <ifStep description="if in new document edit, go to old version">
      <condition description="in new doc edit">
        <verifyDocumentURL text=".*/doc/view.html.*" regex="true" description="new doc edit url" />
        <storeXPath description="Extract transaction id"
                    property="transid" />
        <invoke description="Go to old edit page" url="/doc/view-old.html?id=#{transid}" />
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