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I'm new to jquery, i'm using validation plugin from, so far is working fine, until certain page i need to change the error message on dropdown change, instead of submit button clicked.

Here is what i have in my error message part

messages: {

   txtLocation: {

     required: function(){ 
                    if($("select[name=selDelBasis] option:selected").text()=="C&F FIFO" || $("select[name=selDelBasis] option:selected").text()=="CIF FIFO")
                        return "Please enter the name of discharge port.";
                        return "Please enter the name of port from where you will load your coal.";

In my html i have a select with name=selDelBasis and an input type text name="txtLocation"

To populate the problem here is the step.
1. Choose C&F FIFO from selDelBasis dropdown
2. Click Submit, without filling the txtLocation
3. Error message appear as "Please enter the name of discharge port."
4. Change selDelBasis from "C&F FIFO" to "FAS"
5. The error message no changes, still same "Please enter the name of discharge port."

What i want is on step 5, the error message should change to "Please enter the name of port from where you will load your coal."


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I don't know if I understood well, but I guess that set onclick option would do what you want:

   onclick: false

Analogously there is also onkeyup and onfocusout options:

A complete list of options:

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Hi i managed to found a solution on this question. I used one of the validation method which is showErrors().

So in my dropdown onchange event, i do this

validator.showErrors({"txtLocation": "Please enter the name of discharge port."});

while validator is var validator = $("#frmMarket").validate();

Thanks for all help, i hope this thread can help other that have the same question

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Make sure you don't forget to accept your answer as the answer! – CoolBeans Apr 23 '11 at 23:06

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