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I'm looking for a graphic debuger that can connect to a running gdbserver (TCP) and does provide a usable interface.

I need to watch multiple complex data structures while stepping through the program.

I tried DDD, but the look and handling was just to weird.

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Gnome comes with nemiver (but I haven't used it remotely to date)

I find I drop to gdb because I like to have lowlevel access. DDD has very nice examination features, don't underestimate the power of DDD

[OT: remember the days when GIMP was blindsided because the interface was... nonstandard?]

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You might want to try Eclipse with CDT.

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Do you know about a tutorial that describes how CDT can be configured to use a remote gdbserver? –  Let_Me_Be Apr 21 '11 at 18:21

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