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I'm getting the following JSON response from the server:

 {"id":"17","pid":"0","type":"my check","code":"mt","status":"1"}]

How can I make jQuery foreach loop and get only values of id and type.

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    var json = '[{"id":"1","pid":"0","type":"Individual","code":"i","status":"1"},{"id":"2","pid":"0","type":"Group","code":"g","status":"1"},{"id":"15","pid":"0","type":"asdasd","code":"asd","status":"1"},{"id":"16","pid":"0","type":"asdas","code":"asd","status":"1"},{"id":"17","pid":"0","type":"my check","code":"mt","status":"1"}]';
    $.each($.parseJSON(json), function() {
        alert( + " " + this.type);
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why would you convert the object to a string and then parseJSON instead assign the object to json variable. any specific reason? – Anji Apr 21 '11 at 12:21
No, I thought the string has been given initially. Of course JSON if it's an object itself, shouldn't be parsed. – Sotomajor Apr 21 '11 at 12:24
var json = 
   {"id":"17","pid":"0","type":"my check","code":"mt","status":"1"}

   alert(' - '+el.type);

Here is that stupid example running


As enoyhs said this could also be achieved with pure javascript which would be a faster solution. Here is a benchmark of looping arrays in javascript vs jQuery:

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Or you can get without jQuery with simple: for (i in json) { alert(json[i].id + ' - ' + json[i].type); } – enoyhs Apr 21 '11 at 12:16

Working sample here:

Snippet to create new array of objects that only contain id and type keys:

var json = [{"id":"1","pid":"0","type":"Individual","code":"i","status":"1"},{"id":"2","pid":"0","type":"Group","code":"g","status":"1"},{"id":"15","pid":"0","type":"asdasd","code":"asd","status":"1"},{"id":"16","pid":"0","type":"asdas","code":"asd","status":"1"},{"id":"17","pid":"0","type":"my check","code":"mt","status":"1"}];

var arr = [];
$.each(json, function(key, value){
        type: value.type

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<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
    var x = { "A" : {"A1": "1" } };
        $.each(x, function(i,v) {
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