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My goal is to compile the kiss_fft libraries to use in JNI for android development. However to begin with, I am attempting to just use the kiss_fft libraries on my linux machine in C.

when using Kiss_fft.c or Kiss_fftr.c from Kiss_fft (Kissfft )to calculate the DFT. How exactly do you compile their libraries into your own file. In the top of my source C file, I #include kiss_fft.h and #include kiss_fftr.h, and also either place the kiss_fft souce code in my project root directory or in /usr/include/ in linux, then I compile with a makefile similar to this one:


#ARGS = -g -ansi -pedantic -Wall -Werror -O1
ARGS = -g -lsndfile -O1 -lm

FILES = spec_subv4.o kiss_fftr.o kiss_fft.o

spec_sub: $(FILES)
gcc $(ARGS) $(FILES) -o spec_sub  

spec_subv4.o:   spec_subv4.c 
gcc -lsndfile $(ARGS) -c spec_subv4.c -o spec_subv4

kiss_fftr.o:    kiss_fftr.c kiss_fftr.h kiss_fftr.h _kiss_fft_guts.h
gcc $(ARGS) -c kiss_fftr.c -o kiss_fftr

kiss_fft.o: kiss_fft.c _kiss_fft_guts.h
gcc $(ARGS) -c kiss_fftr.c -o kiss_fft

Looking through all the kiss_fft source files, I wrote this make file to build all the dependencies. However I still get

undefined reference to kiss_fft

undefined reference to kiss_fft_alloc

Which are internal functions of the kiss_fft libs.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Your makefile targets never actually compile kiss_fft.c


kiss_fft.o: kiss_fft.c _kiss_fft_guts.h
gcc $(ARGS) -c kiss_fftr.c -o kiss_fft

compiles kiss_fftr.c not kiss_fft.c

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ahh correct, simple copy paste error thanks. –  digiphd Apr 22 '11 at 1:34

I think symbol/function kiss_fft, kiss_fft_alloc are not part of any libary included.

Few things must be checked before you link:

  1. Check if symbols are available in library sndfile

    nm | grep "kiss_fft"

  2. Check if you have mentioned the PATH for library in make file.

    Include your library path as -L

  3. Check if prototypes of these functions are in harder files

    Include them with -I

  4. If any C,C++ combination code is used

    Use extern "C" sytax.

  5. prototypes of functions must match with prototypes included in library.

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Hmmm, well the kiss_fft() and kiss_fft_alloc() are both in kiss_fft.c, linked to by kiss_fft.h. When you say include library path -L do you mean something like: gcc -L ../path-to-kiss_fft-headers-and-.c-files/ –  digiphd Apr 21 '11 at 13:15
can you explain the use of the -l, so so far I have not compiled and lib files, '.so'. –  digiphd Apr 22 '11 at 2:13
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Worked it out, thanks for the input. I simply just compiled with:

gcc $@ -g -lsndfile -lm -std=gnu99 spec_sub_kiss.c kiss_fft.c kiss_fftr.c -o spec_sub_kiss

Where the -lsndfile is the libraries to read and write some .wav files for my project.

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