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Today I surfed some random geek-stuff articles on wikipedia to get my daily dose of useless knowledge. I stumbled accross quines, which are programs that print their own source-code. I found that a great way to make my brain hurt, so I began working on a quine in VBA. I had two good reasons:

  1. I couldn't find a quine written in VBA
  2. VBA encourages you to write awkward code which makes your brain hurt

Here is my masterpiece:

Sub q()
c = "Sub q();c = #;Debug.Print Replace(Replace(c, Chr(59), vbNewLine), Chr(35), Chr(34) & c & Chr(34));End Sub"
Debug.Print Replace(Replace(c, Chr(59), vbNewLine), Chr(35), Chr(34) & c & Chr(34))
End Sub

My challenge: Can you make it even shorter (and preferably more awkward)?

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I don't know if anybody reads this thread anomore but here's an even shorter one, based on the quine of das_weezul. It's independent of "Option Explicit" (unlike das_weezul's) and it's independent of the Office App you are working in (i.e. Excel, Access, Word etc.) - unlike Alex K's. Use it in the immediate window (Ctrl+G):

c="c=#:?replace(c,chr(35),chr(34) &c &chr(34))":?replace(c,chr(35),chr(34) &c &chr(34))
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You can even make that one four characters shorter: c="c=#:a=chr(34):?replace(c,chr(35),a &c &a)":a=chr(34):?replace(c,chr(35),a &c &a) – Dorian Jul 8 at 9:27
I'm still reading this :D It's great to see this thread coming back to life. That solution looks really slick! – das_weezul Jul 15 at 12:52
Sorry @Alex K, Dorian seized the throne :D – das_weezul Jul 15 at 12:56

How about

Sub q() '//in mdl1
Debug.Print Workbooks(1).VBProject.VBComponents(5).CodeModule.Lines(1, 3)
End Sub
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I knew someone would come up with that ;) +2 for length, -1 for good readability ;) – das_weezul Apr 21 '11 at 13:27

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