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Every time I try to check out an "Out Of Date" file, I receive the following error: "Error during file delta checkout". If I delete the file in my working directory, the file now appears to be "missing" in the StarTeam client and I can do a check out without any problems. What is going on?

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If you're running 2009R2, make sure "Optimize for slow connections" is turned off under Tools, Personal Options, File. That should prevent your client from requesting deltas.

As to the root cause of the delta retrieve error, that is probably a MicroFocus support issue. On older versions of StarTeam where deltas were kept (pre-2005), upgrades to certain server versions/patches could raise a similar error. Fixes ranged from cleaning out the cache directory on the server to running custom scripts from Borland to fix broken DB references.

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Thanks for the thorough answer. That fixed my problem! – JcMaco Jul 21 '11 at 12:41

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