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I have a program on my company network that I'm suddenly unable to open. When I try I get the following errors:

\Bpiserver\accounting\CSSI\lori1 CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory. UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory. Could not find C:\Windows\STATUS.*

another error box pops up on top of that one saying

Windows cannot find 'RUNCBL'.

I have searched the internet in every way I can and have not found one piece of info that relates to this specific problem.

I'm using Windows 7

I have run several antivirus programs and found no problems.

PLEEEEASE help! I am in HR and cannot run paychecks, etc until I can get into this program.

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"RunCBL" may be a COBOL runtime/helper, which would make sense for a payroll app. It would be like trying to double-click a .doc or .docx file if Windows couldn't find the MS Word executable. Either the file has been deleted, or your path has changed. (Right-click My Computer, go to Properties, Advanced, Environment variables.)

The UNC path is a common complaint. DOS/Windows scripts (.bat or .cmd files) don't like to start in network folders -- unless the network folder is mapped to a DOS-style drive letter. (In other words, you would have a virtual X: or Z: drive on your PC that pointed to \Bpiserver\accounting or \Bpiserver\accounting\CSSI.)

If you had a drive mapping and that got deleted somehow, that could account for all of these problems. If you want further assistance you should probably post the contents of \Bpiserver\accounting\CSSI\lori1.cmd

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My guess is that you do not have access to the network path needed to run that program.

UNC path: \\Bpiserver\accounting\CSSI\lori1

Also, it may be possible to disable this UNC check:


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Would this be the case even if I am able to access and run other programs on this same server? My co-workers are able to access this same program with no troubles. –  Lori Apr 21 '11 at 13:53
If the network path exists, then the problem is with this application somehow. A little digging shows that RUNCBL might be a COBOL command interpreter... and it cannot be found... do you have that installed? Also, what are you launching... is it a .exe, a .lnk, a script? –  Blazes Apr 21 '11 at 14:00

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