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Who can comment the following:

import json, urllib
url = ""
url2 = ""
tw_url = "" %url
tw_url2 = "" %url2
js2 = json.load(urllib.urlopen(tw_url))
js = json.load(urllib.urlopen(tw_url2))
print js2, js


{u'count': 0, u'url': u''} {u'count': 1, u'url': u''}

What is the difference??

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Strange. Both queries are showing same number now... Not sure why... – Oleg Tarasenko Apr 21 '11 at 14:39

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The Twitter API normalizes urls, so when you pass in it converts it to automatically:

% curl ''

The discrepancy in the counts you saw may have been a temporary bug on Twitter's side, e.g. calculating the counts before normalizing the urls.

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Looks like this has since been fixed; I'm now getting a count of 1 for both js2 and js. – user18015 Jul 12 '11 at 23:28

Since Twitter infrastructure in cloud, it might be replication data "error". Not being synchronized well in all nodes.

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