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i think my ScrollView is located over my navigation bar.
Because my back button doesn't work and instead my function "handleTouchesOne" is called. I think i have to adjust the height of the scrollView's contentSize but i am doing something wrong.

scrollView.pagingEnabled = YES;
scrollView.contentSize = CGSizeMake(scrollView.frame.size.width * kNumberOfPages, scrollView.frame.size.height);
scrollView.showsHorizontalScrollIndicator = NO;
scrollView.showsVerticalScrollIndicator = NO;
scrollView.scrollsToTop = NO;
scrollView.delegate = self;
scrollView.directionalLockEnabled = YES;

Hope someone can help me!

edit: how i init my tap gesture:

// One finger single tap

tapGesture = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(handleTouchesOne:)];
tapGesture.cancelsTouchesInView = NO; 
tapGesture.delaysTouchesEnded = NO;
tapGesture.numberOfTouchesRequired = 1; // One finger single tap
tapGesture.numberOfTapsRequired = 1;
//tapGesture.delegate = self;
[self.view addGestureRecognizer:tapGesture];
[tapGesture release];

Could it be, that the button does not work because the view is over the nav bar or just links my tap to my function ?

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if your scrollview is transparent, put in some opaque background color to see if it covers your nav controller. – Nick Weaver Apr 21 '11 at 15:00
Seems like it's not the scrollview... when i put red color in the nav bar stays black – madmax Apr 21 '11 at 20:28
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In that case you would have to adjust your scroll view's frame, not its contentSize.

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