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Hi there i´m trying to present a bar plot with multiple bars. Each bar consists of multiple (but same amount for every bar) subsections. So i want to show a bar which has a lower part (e.g. green) a middle part (e.g. yellow) and the top red part. I thought about creating three independent plot but this would bring some overhead since the order drawing isn´t fix i guess (the time when respective datasource will be called is unknown and the smalles bar could be covered by a bigger one).

So i was thinking about giving each bar an offset to affiliate the lower bar. But how do i dynamically add an y-offset to a bar location?

Thanks for help!

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Set the barBasesVary property on your plots to YES. Core Plot will then query your datasource for an additional field called CPBarPlotFieldBarBase for each data point. This means you will provide three data values for each bar--location, base value, and tip value.

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