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I have created a usercontrol just to contain an Image, because I haveto use Measureoverride and arrangeoverride methods and I can't create a subclass (Image is seled)... anyway, the thing is that when i call this.Image.Measure(SizeIwantto giveto the image) the desiredSize field of the image is not set... anybody know why? I have been managing the Layouting methods before and It worked... Here is the code (I have already checked all the other sizes and none of them is 0 or NaN)

    protected override Size MeasureOverride(Size availableSize)

        //the size that the element wants to have
        Size imageDesiredSize = new Size();

        imageDesiredSize = availableSize;
        //if the current element's size is a pertentage
        if ((futureHeight != 0))
            imageDesiredSize.Height = availableSize.Height * futureHeight / 100;
        if ((futureWidth != 0))
            imageDesiredSize.Width = availableSize.Width * futureWidth / 100;

        if (widthWrap)
            imageDesiredSize.Width = ((BitmapImage)this.Source).PixelWidth;
        if (heightWrap)
            imageDesiredSize.Height = ((BitmapImage)this.Source).PixelHeight;
        System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("imagedesired" + imageDesiredSize);
        System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("desiredsize" + this.image.DesiredSize);

        return imageDesiredSize;
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In the end It was a really simple solution... In the constructor of the UserControl I added this line: this.Content = image; And now the content of the Usercontrol is drawn in the screen :-)

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