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I use Framework Cocos2D to make my little game.

I used 3 object:

CCTMXTiledMap at background at layer -1

CCRenderTexture to render some line with texture at layer 0

CCSpriteBatchNode to render game object at layer 1

I use CCRenderTexture at z-oder 0. When i try to render some Texture on this, its working perfect, but when use Clear function to clear the Texture in viewport to redraw another texture, it's clear Map too.

[target clear:0.0f g:0.0f b:0.0f a:1.0f];

How can i so this problem?

Thanks you ! –

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//For removing all textures
[[CCTextureCache sharedTextureCache] removeAllTextures];

//For removing un used textures
[[CCTextureCache sharedTextureCache] removeUnusedTextures];
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Hi ShinuShajahan .Thanks for your answer my question but in my situation i want to clear texture and redraw new, your code just clear all texture cache. :) – QViet Apr 22 '11 at 10:33
[[CCTextureCache sharedTextureCache] removeTexture:yourTexture]; – ShinuShajahan Apr 22 '11 at 10:37
Thanks ShinuShajahan but itsn't work with me.i guest because i use sprite and visit function to draw in code look like that [target begin]; if (distance > 1) { int d = (int)distance; for (int i = 0; i < d; i++) { [brush setPosition:ccp(start.x + (difx * delta), start.y + (dify * delta))]; [brush setRotation:rand()%360]; [brush setScale:r]; [brush visit]; } } [target end]; .Sorry i canot format the code – QViet Apr 23 '11 at 6:33

I had this problem, but my solution was to just use [target clear:0.0f g:0.0f b:0.0f a:0.0];.... see the difference there. The alpha is zero. We're clearing the screen with the colour black though we are putting the alpha to zero. That will DEFINATELY work if I think you are trying to sort out what I think you are.

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