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Following up on this post I made earlier. I have found out the answers for all the points. But I still have a small tweek that I cannot get it right -

That is the percentage value that I need to pass it into the slider -

var percentage = Math.round(offset.left / (scrollContent.width() - scrollPane.width()) * 100);

The percentage should increase everytime when I move the slider handle to the right. It is fine when I load the first two ajax pages (the percentage increases), but after these first two, the percentage starts dropping down until negative values.

How can I find the correct percentage?

You can try it out here and see what I mean above.

Below is the entire jquery code:


    loadSlide ();


function loadSlide ()
    //scrollpane parts
    scrollPane = $('#scroll-pane'); // scroll-pane
    scrollContent = $('#scroll-content'); // scroll-content


  scrollbar = $("#content-slider").slider({
    min: 0,
    create: loadContent,
    animate: true,
    change: handleSliderChange,
    slide: handleSliderSlide

function handleSliderChange(event, ui)

  var maxScroll = scrollContent.width() - scrollPane.width();
  scrollPane.animate({scrollLeft: ui.value * (maxScroll / 100) }, 1000);


function handleSliderSlide(event, ui)

  var maxScroll = scrollContent.width() - scrollPane.width();
  scrollPane.attr({scrollLeft: ui.value * (maxScroll / 100) });


function loadContent(event, ui) 

        var path = $(this).attr('href');
        var parent = $(this).parents('.content-item');

        parent.after('<div class="wrapper"></div>');

        var target = $('.wrapper').css({float:'left'});
        target.load(path, function(){

            var width_loaded_content = target.width();
            var offset = target.offset();
            var position = target.position();
            scrollContent.css({width: (scrollContent.width() + width_loaded_content) + 'px'});

            var percentage = Math.round(offset.left / (scrollContent.width() - scrollPane.width()) * 100);

            exitContent (target);

        return false;

function exitContent (target)
        scrollContent.css({width: (1500) + 'px'});
        return false;

Another issue is, whey it sometimes alerts twice after the ajax pages is loaded but sometimes it does not? it should always alert once.

Any idea?

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