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Is there something in EJB3 that allows me to execute some code just after the transaction commit (I want to send XMPP messages to notify external devices for updates) ?

I know I can do something like that using JTA API and enlisting my own writed XA resource but I have the feeling that's it's not the right tool.


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Create a stateful session bean that implements javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization, and call a method from within the transaction. The afterCompletion method will be called with the outcome of the transaction.

Update: if you're using EJB 3.1, you can annotate a method of the SFSB with @AfterCompletion rather than implementing the interface.

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I've just seen you answer. Thx, it's exactly what I'm lokking for. –  Jonathan Apr 30 '11 at 17:55

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