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i am looking for a simple secure php/mysql class to use in simple 3 pages script.

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closed as not a real question by Brad F Jacobs, mario, Tim Cooper, Gordon, John Saunders Apr 21 '11 at 20:12

It's difficult to tell what is being asked here. This question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form. For help clarifying this question so that it can be reopened, visit the help center.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question.

possible duplicate of A secure PHP class connecting to MySQL? – Brad F Jacobs Apr 21 '11 at 16:13
have you looked at PDO? also please define 'secure', your exact needs, etc. – knittl Apr 21 '11 at 16:13
As far as "secure". The all classes / function generally have methods to securing them. But it is up to you to understand how to use them and use them properly. Any class, no matter how secure it is, can be used and if the proper methods are not used, all the security is worthless. Better advice, pick a method and fully read about it and read how to properly secure it. – Brad F Jacobs Apr 21 '11 at 18:43
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The Mysqli class included with most versions of PHP.

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I would recommend PDO. Some of it's advanced functions can be handy from time to time.

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why use a DBAL when you know you will only talk to MySql? – Gordon Apr 21 '11 at 16:25

If it is really small and simple just use the built in mysql function.

You can read all about it right here

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… and also discouraged to use in favor of mysqli – Gordon Apr 21 '11 at 16:24
If by "really small and simple" you mean "under 100 lines of code". Beyond that, the old mysql-* function group becomes cumbersome rather quickly; I'd recommend using mysqli (things have a tendency to grow - an old, really small and simple project of mine is now a rather important part of one not-small-and-not-simple app - and I wish I would not have coded that initial small thingy as a throwaway-simple-project it was intended to be). – Piskvor Apr 21 '11 at 16:28

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