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I'm writing criteria API but not work with Weblogic Server. I find that (jpa1.x.x.jar,jpa2.x.x.jar) Library file in weblogic module folder.

I am calling EntityManager.getCriteriaBuilder(); But It shows syntax error, I think it doesn't know the library file.

The EntityManager is included in both jpa1.x.x.jar and jpa2.x.x.jar, but getCriteriaBuilder() is only included in jpa2.x.x.jar file.

I think it should work because the required library is included.

The version I used is JDeveloper 11.1.14 and Integrated Weblogic.

-waiting for your reply.

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What doesn't work? Do you have a stack trace? If so, update your question with it please. –  Jeff West Apr 21 '11 at 20:23

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I completed my question with NetBean IDE 7.0. In netbean version 7, I can enable/disable jpa2.0 and jsf2.0 with Weblogic 10.3.

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