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In my current production code, and according to documentation on msdn, the way to create a client is this

using (WebChannelFactory<IServiceInterface> cf
      = new WebChannelFactory<IServiceInterface>("http://service.url"))
    IServiceInterface client = cf.CreateChannel();

given that I have this interface:

public interface IServiceInterface
    void CallTheMethod();

However I noticed that the object client created by the WebChannelFactory also implements IDisposable. So I want to dispose this object also. I didn't find any other way than:

using (WebChannelFactory<IServiceInterface> cf
      = new WebChannelFactory<IServiceInterface>("http://service.url"))
using(IDisposable client = (IDisposable)cf.CreateChannel())

I find this ugly. So :

  • Do I really need to dispose it ? I mean that may be it is disposed when you disposed the factory (if the factory keeps a reference to every object it has created maybe) ?
  • If yes, do you have a better way ?
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This is a very complex issue. Even by Microsoft's own admission, disposing of channel factories was a bad design which was changed multiple times so short answer is no, you need to use something alternative to it.

Here is an alternative method to disposing.

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you didn't really answer my question, but you provide me good reading, I accept your answer. Thanks. –  Baptiste Pernet Apr 22 '11 at 8:26

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