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I have a pretty simple setup:

Apache server, PHP 5.3, Eclipse, PHP Zend Debug Module

When I click on debug it sees my breakpoints and everything works fine. But only for the first page. If I click on a different page within the integrated browser, all breakpoints from that moment forward are ignored. I think it has to do with the fact that the first page's URL is something similar to


Whereas pages after do not have these URL debug parameters appended. Is this a limitation with debugging in eclipse, or is there some way to append these GET parameters to every link I click? Perhaps a browser extension?

Looking under advanced for my debug configuration, I see that I have "Debug All Pages" checked.

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Try to remove all Path Mapping in debug configuration - PHP Server configuration – Kane Apr 5 '12 at 15:35
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I recently tried the Xdebug extension for the same thing, and i can really recommend it.

Xdebug does exactly this, and also sets a Cookie which contains the debug session info, so you can browse through the Website and the debugger will halt on a breakpoint. So it's definately not an eclipse issue.

You could check if the Zend Debug Module does the same thing by calling the above URL in Firefox and checking if a cookie was set.

Greetings and Good Luck

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