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I just added Coding4Fun.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.dll for TimeSpanPicker to my project without any customization. But when I tab on my device on the control to open the full screen mode I can't see any of the 3 LoopingSelectors. It is as the 3 LoopingSelectors are not added to the page. I can only see "CHOOSE DURATION" and the Done/Cancel buttons. It is the same when I open the TimespanPickerPage.xaml in Expression Blend. It is also empty. The fullscreen mode on my device looks exaclty the same as Expression Blend: title and buttons are visible but no LoopingSelectors.

Things I've tried:

  • Directly downloaded the Coding4Fun.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.dll from Downloads page --> can't see any LoopingSelectors in full screen mode

  • Downloaded the complete source code and compiled the dll. Added that self compiled dll --> same effect, can't see LoopingSelectors

  • Added the Coding4Fun.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.csproj directly to my project --> same effect, can't see LoopingSelectors

I tried to debug the TimeSpanPicker, but I'm not sure where to look for this error.

As I understand, the TimespanPickerPage.xaml is navigated to when opening the full screen mode. It is also calling the InitDataSource from TimespanPickerPage without any errors. So why can't I see any of the LoopingSelectors?

So can someone tell me where to begin to look for this bug? Or how can I fix this? I just need a simple Timespan picker in my project to let the user pick a duration.

Side note:

I'm also using MVVM Light Toolkit, Telerik RadControls Toolkit and Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit Feb 2011 in my project. Maybe one of these Toolkit is interfering?

I've also opened a new discussion on Coding4Fun tools Codeplex page: http://coding4fun.codeplex.com/discussions/254851

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Try creating a new Windows Phone Silverlight project and add a reference to Coding4Fun.Phone.Controls.Toolkit. Then you can try adding the control manually in the code-behind directly in Visual Studio:

Coding4Fun.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.TimeSpanPicker picker = new Coding4Fun.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.TimeSpanPicker();

I downloaded the package via NuGet and it worked just fine. It appears that somewhere in your project there is a control conflict.

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It was a bug when using Telerik RadControls (RadPhoneApplicationFrame) together with the TimeSpanPicker. –  Buju Apr 26 '11 at 8:36
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It was a bug in the Toolkit. This has been fixed at revision: 65579

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