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Prelim caveat: I am very new to js and have mainly gotten by through doing web searches for examples/tutorials.

I am writing js which should run both on web and on mobile devices (e.g. iPad).

We have a library to help abstract away the differences between mouse and touch:

if ('Mobile') > 0) {
  window.FLAGS = {
    start: 'touchstart',
    end: 'touchend',
    move: 'touchmove',
    click: 'click',
    touchScreen: true
} else {
  window.FLAGS = {
    start: 'mousedown',
    end: 'mouseup',
    move: 'mousemove',
    click: 'click',
    touchScreen: false

Then in code you can do things like:

  widget.view.bind(FLAGS.start, function(e) {

I am trying to find a 'touch' equivalent for 'mouseleave' so I can do a similar trick.

I can imagine ways to catch a 'leave' event by tracking the position on 'move' and comparing that to bounding box of widget in question, but I'm hoping there's a little one-liner like the touchstart/mousedown relationship.

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It's been suggested, but not implemented AFAIK:

Something like this might work (writing it from top of my head, untested):

var element;
document.addEventListener('touchstart', function(event) {
    var touch = event.touches[0];
    element = document.elementFromPoint(touch.pageX,touch.pageY);
}, false);

document.addEventListener('touchmove', function(event) {
    var touch = event.touches[0];
    if (element !== document.elementFromPoint(touch.pageX,touch.pageY)) {
}, false);

function touchleave() { 
    console.log ("You're not touching the element anymore");
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Thank you. I think the bit about "not implemented" is what I needed to hear, and I doubly appreciate the sample code for a workaround. – Doug Banks Apr 21 '11 at 21:46
your post is old but - shouldn't it be "changedTouches" for the touchmove-event? at least on ipads the touches array is undefined onTouchMove - compare – Jörn Berkefeld Jul 14 '12 at 11:51

might want to check out the jquery touchable plugin.

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