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First of all, this question WAS answered here: CKeditor character/word count but all the answers give broken links... therefore it's not answered.

Using CKEditor, how to I get the character count on keyup, using jquery?

Here's what should work, but does not work:

<textarea id="newKnowledge_body"></textarea>
      // this DOES work, fyi

      // this DOES NOT work
          var len = $("#newKnowledge_body").val().length;

I believe the problem lies in the "keyup" event. I don't get any response when referring to it like that... but I don't know what else to use.

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You need to register an event on the CKEditr like so:

editor.on( 'key', function( evt ){
   updateCount( evt.editor.getData() );       
}, editor.element.$ );

I also found this link that has a nice character count using jQuery and css. http://jsfiddle.net/VagrantRadio/2Jzpr/

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Here is a quick solution with no plugins (not the best)

var len = $("#cke_contents_message").children("iframe").contents().find("body").text().length;


var editor = $('YOUR_TEXT_AREA').ckeditorGet();
editor.on("instanceReady", function(){                    
    this.document.on("keyup", function(){
        var editorContent = $(editor.getData());
        var plainEditorContent = editorContent.text().trim();
        console.log("Length: "+plainEditorContent.length);
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Try using .change() instead of .keyup()

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Try this plugin, It worked for me http://www.n7studios.co.uk/2010/03/01/ckeditor-word-count-plugin/

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