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I'm running Lighttpd on Cygwin. I have a Lua CGI script that calls a BASH script which calls notepad.exe. My actual problem is running a C# application but I've tried to simplify the problem with notepad for now.

When I call the CGI web page, I get the error: notepad.exe: command not found But when I run the BASH from the Cygwin shell, notepad runs fine with no error.

It looks like the Path is being cleaned when lighttpd is running. How do I make sure the environment is the same?



cmd = "/opt/abc/scripts/test.sh"
local f = io.popen( cmd.." ; echo RC=$?" )
local str = f:read'*a'

print ("Content-type: Text/html\n")
print ("<br><b>Output</b>: ", str)
print ("</body></html>")



echo "Test.sh" 
echo "<br>PATH<br> $PATH<hr>"

notepad.exe 2>&1
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Did you try invoking with bash -l? also - whats wrong with setting the path in your script?

(don't have a cygwin machine handy to test)

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This doesn't help. I manually added the path and notepad isn't 'displayed'. It shows in the task manager but the GUI window doesn't show up. –  tuxGurl May 2 '11 at 17:11
@tuxGurl Is lighttpd running as a service or as plain-vanilla app in a window? If its a service - did you enable the ability to interact with the desktop? –  nhed May 5 '11 at 13:30
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Lighttpd was being started by windows task scheduler on system startup and didn't need a user to be logged in. This meant that the server was being started in windows 'Session 0' which is marked as non-interactive. More info on Windows Sessions

My solution was to throw a simple batch file into the startup folder that would start lighttpd. Alternatively I could have created a cygwin service that automatically starts and ensure that the interact with desktop option is checked.

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