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This seems so simple it's embarrassing. However, the first question is when passing a value from the new ViewBag in MVC 3.0 (Razor) into a JavaScript block, is this the correct way to do it? And more importantly, where and how do you apply the proper string replacement code to prevent a single quote from becoming ' as in the resultant alert below?

Adding this into a single script block:

alert('@ViewBag.str')   // "Hi, how's it going?"

Results in the following alert:

enter image description here

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Razor will HTML encode everything, so to prevent the ' from being encoded to ', you can use


However, now you've got an actual ' in the middle of your string which causes a javascript error. To get around this, you can either wrap the alert string in double quotes (instead of single quotes), or escape the ' character. So, in your controller you would have

ViewBag.str = "Hi, how\\'s it going?";
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If you'd rather not have to re-escape strings, try @Html.Raw(String.Format("var str = \"{0}"\", ViewBag.str) followed by alert(str); –  defines Jul 9 '13 at 19:30
Isn't this a huge risk for script injection? –  klatzib Aug 16 '14 at 21:06

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