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I would like to have automatic folds for comments in my AquaEmacs.

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have a look at hs-minor-mode. it's not automatic though. for a more automatic approach, i guess you could customize the hideshow mode the following way:

  1. hide comments via hs-hide-comments-when-hiding-all
  2. assign a function which hides nothing to hs-hide-all-non-comment-function and then
  3. use hs-hide-all to hide all comments.

have not tried it. just an idea.

check out the hideshow mode page at emacswiki as well.

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Did I understand right that it is not possible to get similar (automatic) folds to xEmacs as to Vim? I use xEmacs only for LaTex so I need folds only for it. –  Masi Feb 23 '09 at 11:24
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You cannot have similar folds as in Vim. I could not put folds to specific lines.

However, there is an addon Auctex which gives you Emacs-folds. They are not as flexible as in Vim.

Please, inform me if you have found a better solution.

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