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I'm trying to access data within a JSON object I create using json_decode (based on a result from a URL). The response is:

stdClass Object
    [/guid/9202a8c04000641f8000000016f4c9cd] => stdClass Object
            [code] => /api/status/ok
            [result] => stdClass Object


How do I access the parameter "code"?


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You can use this slightly more quirky syntax:

print $stdclass->{'/guid/9202a8c04000641f8000000016f4c9cd'}->code;

It's intended specifically for non-ascii attribute names. (There's also the variant with double quotes, which is useful for variable ->{"attr_$index"} attribute names.)

The other option would be to have json_decode create an associative array instead, by passing TRUE as second parameter.

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As a followup, can I access [/guid/9202a8c04000641f8000000016f4c9cd] by any method (like iterating through, get the name of the stdClass). – Rio Apr 22 '11 at 1:47
Yes that's possible. Because when you foreach over the attributes, you are accessing the object with $obj->$varname. And in that case $varname can be anything (excluding the \0 character). And foreaching over the object also gives you the real attribute names. – mario Apr 22 '11 at 5:59

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