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I'm trying to make it so that when I compile my code(in any configuration) in VS08, it doesn't automatically switch my output window from "Build" to "Debug". I'm not trying to prevent it from logging anything, Its a cosmetic change if anything. I'm just tired of switching back all the time. ( I do so because I use the build output with message pragmas for some things.)


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Not so sure why you have this problem. Try to build with Ctrl+Shift+B instead of F5. The F5 keystroke starts the debugger. And triggers a rebuild if your code changed. And switches the Output window mode from "Build" to "Debug" when the debugger starts.

The other important setting is Tools + Options, Project and Solution, Build and Run, "On Run, when a build or deployment error occur". Keep that at "Do not launch". Not sure what they were smoking when they made that an option.

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Thank you very much! The Ctrl+Shift+B thing works. I had been using the green arrow with release configuration. I didn't know that also launched the debugging even in release. – E-McCoy Apr 22 '11 at 0:11

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