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People, please help, I'm about to loose my mind. How to properly implement the external dynamic image to a rdlc. What is wrong with my code?

Dim param As List(Of ReportParameter) = New List(Of ReportParameter)
ReportViewer1.LocalReport.EnableExternalImage...s = True

param.Add(New ReportParameter("paramImage", Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.Replace(Request.Url.AbsolutePath, "") + "http://localhost/ToursV2(ToursOnly)/logos/dominion.jpg"))


The report runs but without my dynamic images.

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This is a curious bit.

Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.Replace(Request.Url.AbsolutePath, "") + 

Assuming the Request Url is something like "http://localhost/SomeFile.aspx" then this should emit something along the lines of:


Which is probably not what you had in mind. You might want to run an inspector on that line of code.

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