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I'm trying to create a scrolling button that reacts differently to a quick click event than it does to a prolonged MouseDown (click and hold). The quick click event will scroll a specific number of pixels while click and hold will slowly scroll the pane until mouse up where it will stop.

This is what I have currently:

var mdown;
$('.next').bind('mousedown', function(event) {
    mdown = event.timeStamp;
    moving = setInterval(function(){
        $('#main').scrollLeft($('#main').scrollLeft() + 5);
    }, 1);
$('.next').bind('mouseup', function(event) {
    if ((event.timeStamp - mdown) < 100) 
        $('#main').animate({ scrollLeft : '+=800'}, 500);

Is there another way of doing this without comparing event timestamps? Is a click event treated any differently than mousedown/mouseup? Thanks!

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Stackoverflow > Forrst. ;) –  daryl Apr 22 '11 at 1:35
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Check this plugin(It defines an event to handle long clicks):


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