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I have a simple implementation of the YUI Rich Text Editor, it allows font, font size, bold, underline, italic, strikthrough, background color, text color, ordered and unordered lists, img, and link buttons - but HTMLPurifier in "out of the box" only allows through some of the features. It allows bold, italics, ordered and unordered lists, and links - none of the other stuff. Can someone point me in the direction of a configuration for HTMLPurifier that will allow these things and retain the most amount of security I can? I've tried delving into the documentation but that was - well let's just say it wasn't the most specific documentation in the world. I had help last night that pointed me to changing magic quotes but that ended up not being the problem. Thanks for any help.

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Do you have magic quotes turned on? What is the HTML being passed to HTML Purifier?

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