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I am using the summaryBy() (doBy package) function inside a function I am writing. I want to define the variable (as a string) with respect to which the summary needs to be calculated. When I define a string and pass it to summaryBy function it doesn't work. Here is an example from the help file of summaryBy function .

dietox12<- subset(dietox,Time==12)  

Following code works


However the following doesn't work


I know why it doesn't work. I wanted to know whether there is another way. Of course I can use the ddply function in stead of the summaryBy function.
Thank you.

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If you want to build formulas dynamically, the easiest way to go is to build it completely as a string.

form<-formula(paste("Weight+Feed~", vardef, "+Cu", sep=""))


There are other options, but this is the easiest.

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