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I am looking for an existing software or how to develop an own filter for user generated Images.Thus to name any realizable concepts or existing software or software components will be much appreciated.

example use case - results in images.google:

Site:Mysite.net - Filter:Moderate 1701.000 results Filter:Off results 1727.000  
(Pitifully there isn’t a way to make webmastertools tell which are the 26.000)

Goal is finding about 20.000-40.000 .jpg containing porn features,
Porn scenes, hate symbols, weapons, skin/blood color scales and so on...

Available (open source) attempts for OpenCV that i've spotted

Please no jokes like doing the job on Amazon mechanical Turk. I'm aware of most commercial solutions.

Finally, what do you guys think - are there chances Google will publish the flagged image lists in webmastertools if only someone asks them? (as it would have the power to improve the whole user generated web)

many thanks, any knowledge about any particular solutions much appriciated !:)

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ImageVision is a paid solution that several social media sites use such as Yahoo, Photobucket, and Facebook.

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