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Our company have two branches. One in Australia, the other in China. As you know chinese gov has GFW (Great Firewall) which block facebook, twitter, youtube, sometime even google search and gmail. It is really annoying. We tried some VPN products in the market but most of them are not steady for us. Also for security reason, we wanna our own VPN server.

So here is the plan:

  1. we plan to put a dedicate server in Sydney co-location center as a VPN server.
  2. The router/server in China branch will auto connect to that VPN server.
  3. If the internet request failed from local ISP, it will try to connect via VPN, else it connects via local ISP

p.s. All servers in our company run Winodws 2008 Server R2

My questions are: - Is this plan possible? - If yes, how to configure?


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Completely possible but it'd more logical (and probably much cheaper in the long run) to use a VPN appliance rather than to use 2008 servers. There's a lot less to fail using hardware appliances and security holes are a lot less. This could be something as simple as a Cisco PIX or ASA appliance on your branch office's end and then the same on the data center to then use routing tables to either seek the internet or office traffic to forward to the US (assuming main office is in US).

I also suggest running all traffic out of your office through the VPN before it hits the internet. If your China office has a good internet connection, this shouldn't be an issue. Doing this will give more security and privacy against Chinese authorities who may be wishing to snoop into your packets as they pass through the GFW.

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