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I'm starting in 3D programming.

So I learn about vectors, matrices and all that stuff.

The question I lack is knowing about how all this stuff generates a 3D image.

What I need is an introduction to vectors, matrices and how these can be combined to make i.e. a 3D landscape. Let's say, I need it shown and explained just as you write it on the paper.

Sadly, I cannot find a real good with Google... what I found are just code samples for OpenGL written in C++ with no good comments about what each line does and no information in depth about vectors and matrices.

Many thanks and best wishes, Joern.

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+1 For somebody who starts with 3D programming at the right point (the maths and the pipeline). – Christian Rau May 24 '11 at 11:07

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I can heartily recommend this book by Peter Shirley:

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