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I have a bounded object, created using primitives lines in Action Script- either an oval or a triangle. Is there any way I can fill the contents in a specific color

Just to clarify on this- the shape could be in two ways a) drawing a isoceles triangle based on a variable apex angle b) two curved lines to form a "lens"

I am not sure if I can use the fill function, as I am not drawing a inherently bounded shape- the closed nature is based on my calculations

  lensPart1=drawArc(xavlspace*0.5+radius*distancefactor*0.86,yavlspace*0.5, Math.abs(radius*distancefactor), 150/360, 60/360, 20); //function to draw an arc 

                              lensPart2=drawArc(xavlspace*0.5+param.radius*distancefactor*0.86,yavlspace*0.5, Math.abs(radius*distancefactor), 30/360, -60/360, 20);//function to draw an arc 


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Please share some code, how you are creating "Shape" –  Imran Apr 22 '11 at 7:56
in Flex 4 you have the fill, and the strokeColor. please add a snippet of your code, so we can help –  Dan Apr 22 '11 at 8:17
have provided the code fragment- given I have created the bounds, is there a way for flex to understand this? –  RG1967 May 11 '11 at 17:51

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var ellipse:Shape = new Shape();
ellipse.graphics.drawEllipse(100, 100, 60, 110); // (x,y,width,height)

This will create an ellipse with black fill.Add the ellipse to the parent using addChild method.

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you need beginFill

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Use beginFill() and endFill() methods of flash.display.Graphics class.

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