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main goal: upon resizeStop, I need to resize the element's width inside the cell. e.g. edittype="select"

here's the scenario: 1) there's a jqgrid, has columns, let's say in column 3 has edittype="select". 2) user resize the column 3 3) after resizing, the resizeStop(newwidth, index) event 4) inside the resizeStop event, want to get a reference to all select element of the given index. Then resize it appropriately.

problem: I don't know on how to implement the number 4... please guide me or give me hints to investigate. thanks in advanced.

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Look at the getCol method it is probably what you need.

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            resizeStop: function (newwidth, index) {
                var selectedRowId = jQuery("#jqgridElementId").getGridParam('selrow');
                if(selectedRowId) {
                    //resize combobox proportionate to column size
                    var selectElement = $('[id="' + selectedRowId + '_' + (index-1) + '"][role="select"]');
                    if(selectElement.length > 0){
            onSelectRow: function(id){
                if(id ){

                    //resize combobox proportionate to column size
                    var rowSelectElements = $('[id^="' + id + '_"][role="select"]');
                    if(rowSelectElements.length > 0) {
                        $(rowSelectElements).each(function(index, element){
                            var name = $(element).attr('name');
                            var columnElement = $('#jqgridElementId_' + name);
                            if(columnElement.length > 0) {
                                var columnWidth = $(columnElement).width();
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