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I have an array defined as follows:

Tile[,] Tiles

It contains 100 elements in the X axis, and 150 elements in the Y axis. This differs from map to map in my game though, but I always know the amount of tiles in the X and the Y axis.

Given this, how can I convert the above array to a single-dimensional array, and iterate through them? I know that single-dimensional arrays are 2 times faster than multi-dimensional arrays, and that means a lot to the performance of my game. Furthermore, single dimensional arrays can be used with parallel computing.

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I doubt your application performance will degrade from using a two-dimensional array:) With using a one-dimensional array, you will just make your code harder to read and maintain... – Petar Minchev Apr 22 '11 at 8:32
I would like to know the source for "single-dimensional arrays are 2 times faster than multi-dimensional arrays". And the source for your implication that multi-dimensional arrays cannot be used in parallel computing. It would be nice to know how you're using the array to optimize for specific scenarios. – Simon Svensson Apr 22 '11 at 9:17
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Well, if items count on Y axis is fixed for every X, you can try this.
Assume a = count on X axis and b = count on Y axis;
you can define Tiles = new Tile[a*b];
Then Tiles[x,y] becomes Tiles[x*b+y]

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    private static int[] TwoDArrayToOneDArray( int[][] TwoDArray, int xSize, int ySize)
            int xIndex = 0;
            int OneDArrayIndex = 0;
            int[] oneDArray = new int[xSize * ySize];
            for (int yIndex = 0; yIndex < ySize && xIndex < xSize; yIndex++)

                OneDArrayIndex = (ySize * xIndex) + yIndex;
                oneDArray[OneDArrayIndex] = TwoDArray[xIndex][yIndex];
                if (yIndex == ySize - 1)
                    yIndex = 0;
                    xIndex = xIndex++;
            return oneDArray;
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Firstly you have to know the size of 2d array here suppose :- (2x3)

//xPosition and yPosition are the index of 2D array (1,2)
int xPosition = 1;
int yPosition = 2;

3 is ySize of 2d array.

int OneDArrayIndex = (3*xPosition)+ yPosition ;

This will give the index for 1D array and you can insert your value at this index in OneD array.

Hope this helps.....

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