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Interviewer questions to me:

How can we store data in two different database at a time using hibernate ??

Advance thanks for reply...

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I'm not sure but this can be possible:

  1. Make 2 hibernate.cfg.xml
  2. In HibernateUtil class where you build your sessionFactory object. Build 2 SessionFactory object. Make getter methods of both sessionFactory object.
  3. Where you wanna insert some data take appropriate sessionFactory object and do the opeartion.
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I don't think there is any built-in feature of Hibernate, but you can either:

  1. Use 2 SessionFactories, but you can then hardly define it as "at a time"
  2. Use Hibernate interceptor that will do changes to the other database when some entity is changed
  3. Use JPA events (which I believe use interceptors under the hood)
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In my experience, example for two or more databases from same data source

Main database : hibernate.cfg.xml

<property name="hibernate.connection.url">

Alternate database : domain class

@Table(catalog = "alt_db", name = "table_name") // Specify catalog

@Table(catalog = "alt_db2", name = "table_name")
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