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I have char date[] = "2011-04-01"; How it convert to timestamp in C or C++ ?

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Maybe this answer can help: stackoverflow.com/questions/1002542/… –  Sayem Ahmed Apr 22 '11 at 10:01
Your title says C, your question says C or C++, and you tagged just C++. Are you programming in C, or programming in C++? –  Puppy Apr 22 '11 at 10:36

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Try this:

char date[] = "2011-04-01";
date[4] = date[7] = '\0';
struct tm tmdate = {0};
tmdate.tm_year = atoi(&date[0]) - 1900;
tmdate.tm_mon = atoi(&date[5]) - 1;
tmdate.tm_mday = atoi(&date[8]);
time_t t = mktime( &tmdate );
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#include <time.h>

struct tm time;
strptime("2011-04-01", "%Y-%m-%d", &time);
time_t loctime = mktime(&time);  // timestamp in current timezone
time_t gmttime = timegm(&time);  // timestamp in GMT
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