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I am using c3p0 - ComboPooledDataSource. I am initializing once as below.

private void init() {
cpds = new ComboPooledDataSource();

I am getting a connection from the pool as below

public synchronized Connection getLocalConnection(String ipAddr)
    throws SQLException {
return cpds.getConnection();

But i am not sure whether its the right way to return the connection back to the pool when i finish executing a query. I guess the


just returns the connection back to the pool instead of REALLY CLOSING the connection. Am i correct or is there any other way around? Pls help.

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This is initializing code

private DataSource init() {

    DataSource unpooled = DataSources.unpooledDataSource(DB_URL, DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD);

    Map<String, Object> overrideProps = new HashMap<String, Object>();

    overrideProps.put("maxPoolSize", MAX_POOL_SIZE);
    overrideProps.put("minPoolSize", MIN_POOL_SIZE);

    return DataSources.pooledDataSource(unpooled, overrideProps);

And you get connection from DataSource.

public Connection getConnection() throws SQLException {
    return dataSource.getConnection();

And to close the connection just call close() method.

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