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I was thinking and searched also but looks i cant find specific answer, that bugging me arround.

Question: Is there any hardware (company or etc etc), which is Embeded PC to allow Linux kernel to insert and have device access. Specially, hardware having a interface of WireFire (camera in) and Coax network (ip packets out) to have highest data in/out transmission, using Linux kernel or ubuntu or centos or fedora?

Question: Is there any Switch (cisco 2900 catalyst sort of plug and play), where Coax cable plugged in, and a Ethernet cable (straight or cross cable) can be connected to a Laptop (ethernet interface) to access the Embeded PC ip network?

example: embedded soundless linux PC (wirefire in/ coax out) -> switch (1 port coax/2 port ethernet) -> Laptop (hello embeded world)

Thanks in advance.

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Coaxial network cabling is not very common thsese days, most installations and cards support only UTP. What is "soundless hardware"? What is WireFire? Did you perhaps mean FireWire or even WiFi? –  Clifford Apr 23 '11 at 7:51
Why does it also have to be a "switch"? That seems a bit random. –  Clifford Apr 23 '11 at 8:01

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Advantech have two fanless industrial PC designs that support Firewire:UNO-3082, UNO-3084.

Other industrial and embedded PC suppliers may also provide a solution. For example I found this SBC from Axiomtek. Simply entering Firewire into their website's search box yields 8 SBC products supporting firewire.

Most industrial/embedded PC suppliers will have similar products, and of course being PC architecture, they will all run Linux.

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Thanks for your comments and details. It was exciting to learn how every programmers are moving forward to the future. While searching i also discover this technologies but without firewire. example: Gumstix, BegaleBoard, alwaysinnovating.com , and many other ARM, but it still looks like lot of Linux are struggling to have a best solution for this architecture such as Fedora/CentOS and other BSD/OpenSolaris? –  YumYumYum Apr 23 '11 at 19:03
@IamSon0fRaja: The suggestions I made were all x86 architecture solutions not ARM. I would hardly describe Gumstix or BeagleBoard as being technologically equivalent to an industrial PC architecture board. The latter are primarily intended as development boards for prototyping or proof of concept before designing custom hardware or are merely for experimentation; industrial PCs are intended for low-volume, high-value application deployment. Critically they adhere largely to industry standards often identical to their desktop counterparts, so driver support is often already available. –  Clifford Apr 24 '11 at 11:24

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